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Prediction Sheet for 2018 World Cup

Join us to follow the 2018 World Cup and test your skills predicting results. Compete with friends and other members of The King’s School Football community. You can earn extra points with the correct answers to football trivia questions.

You need to register or login to play. You can login HERE if a member or subscriberYou can register as subscriber HEREYou can also sign up as a member HERE.  Once logged in return to this page.

Once you have logged in to play add a score to each team in each game. Enter the scores between the flags or team logos. The golden ball on the right-hand side gives you the chance, in a pool competition, to double you winning points for a particular game. You can only select one golden ball per pool competition. Don’t forget to click SAVE at the bottom of the set of matches. Your predictions can be changed up to one (1) hour before the scheduled time for a  match. You do not have to fill in all predictions at one time.

As the  World Cup progresses, we will have entry fees and prizes for certain rounds and a prize for the winner of the whole of the competition for all rounds. Where there are entry fees members have the option to use a coupon and play for free for both The World Cup and A-League.

full points (exact scores): 5
“toto” points (win, loss or draw): 2
goal bonus (goal score was correct for at least one side): 1
goal difference bonus: 1
If there is a question and answered correctly: 2 unless specified otherwise.

Click the A-League logo for A-League Predictions 

World Cup Predictions

[fp-predictionform matchtype=”12″ text=”2018 World Cup Predictions login to play”]

After you have clicked Save refresh your page to confirm your predictions have been saved. They should still be there if saved. You can review your predictions for a match after one hour before the march (ie predictions that cannot be changed by CLICKING HERE.