Welcome to the 2019 King’s Sevens Football Tournament


The Australian Juniors Football Sevens Tournament, (King’s Sevens), celebrates football in a day of exciting competition. Held annually, the event is a highlight of the Football competition season. 2019 was the 14th Tournament.

Staged at the Football (Soccer) precinct of The King’s School, the Tournament is open to all School or other Registered Football (Soccer) Clubs whose players are of school age. Both girl and boy players are welcome.

The competition is played under modified FIFA rules on a seven players per side, 7 mins each way, round-robin format, in each of 6 age divisions, U12, U13, U14, U15, U16 and Opens. In 2019 there were 38 teams from across Sydney.

You can check the 2019 Results HERE

The competition itself is an amateur event, (no prize money), however, school students who play for professional teams are welcome to play.