TKS Football Club

2017 End of Year Newsletter

President’s Report

It gives me great pleasure to present to you TKS Football Club 2017. Football continues to make history at Kings – year on year the participation and passion continue to grow. An amazing achievement when you consider the number of sports available to the school community. With the World Cup due in 2018 next year looks like Football will be bigger and better at The King’s School.

  • President's Report - Continued

    Firstly, I would like to thank Mr Peter Denyer, MIC of Football. Peter has once again delivered a program that not only benefits our most talented players but is one of only a few GPS schools that can proudly say they have a development program for boys that want to learn to play Football.


    Next, I would like to thank the dedicated parents who have supported the Football Club initiatives. It makes the role of the committee so much easier when we have such great support. To our sponsors, thank you! Your ongoing support is greatly appreciated.


    Each year we pick a particular initiative to support Football at The King’s School. This year Mr Peter Denyer requested that we provide each boy with a training jersey. TKS Football Club ordered 650 jersey’s and issued them to every boy that plays Football at The King’s School from Year 5 Preparatory through to Year 12. This is the first time that TKS Football Club involved the PreparatorySchool and we look forward to their participation in Football as they continue their journey through
    to Senior School. In addition, we were able to collaborate with the Art Club and complete the Shooting Cage Mural. This will allow players to have fun whilst practising their shooting at a goalkeeper.


    Finally, I would like to thank the committee. Without their commitment and dedication, all this would not be possible. An amazing group of parents who are so dedicated to supporting the Football program at The King’s School.


    As we look forward towards 2018 I would like to encourage as many parents as possible to become involved. Whether it is helping out at one of the events or joining us on the committee, anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. Remember we are all here for the school and the boys.


    Thank you for your continued support and look forward to a Bigger and Better 2018!
    Best Wishes for the Festive Season,
    Alex Konstandinidis












The 2017 Year in Review – Master -in-Charge

Our Coaching clinics during the January, April and July holidays averaged 25 boys for each day over each three-day camp. Dribbling, passing, running with the ball, shooting crossing, playing team games, taking part in team building activities, generally learning while having a ball! Coaches Ex Socceroo Captain Paul Wade, ex Socceroo Mile Sterjovski and MacArthur Rams coach Matt Costantini helped me out.

  • The 2017 Year in Review - Master -in-Charge Continued

    1st XI hopefuls were in for training during three days of the Holidays. I was looking at Skill level in the newer boys compared to the boys who I had coached previously. Building a squad as we went.


    The parent support group contributed richly to a wonderful season by financing the purchasing and distribution of some 650 training jerseys for all senior and prep footballers. Also contributing to a successful season was the Football Referee’s Course which involved some 20 Kingsmen.


    The last week in March was to be the first week of Football trials….. Except…… it rained and it rained and it rained…….. NO TRIALS. This meant that all selections would have to take place during term 2 and mistakes in the selection process would be made due to the rush. Our coaches dug deep to sort out rapidly the level of each player and by the first few matches of the season, we were back on an even keel.


    During the April school holidays, the School was able to attract coaches from the Real Madrid Football Club in Spain to run a four-day clinic. Further pre-season work came with the School’s involvement with the Sid Sanderson Football Cup Tournament held at St Pius X with King’s performing admirably in each match played. On the very last day of April (Sunday 30) was our Gala Day, where all parents and players young and old are invited to join in with some fun activities for a couple of hours before the 1 and 2 XI squad was presented with their playing jerseys for the season.


    May came around and after a win and 3 losses in our trial rounds we went into Round 1 proper at Scots College to begin season well, our 1sts going up with a 2 –1 win and our 2nds 3-0. Great start to the season. May ended well with Youngjae Kim being selected for the under 16 GPS rep team and Patrick Idiare being selected for the senior squad. They competed in the CIS Championships at Football NSW Valentine Park where an undefeated GPS senior side finished 2nd.


    June started with a draw against Joeys on the Wanderers field in both grades. 1 – 1 in the firsts and 0 - 0 in the seconds. We then travelled to Shore with confidence and gained a 2 – 0 win again both grades same score. So far so good, both teams sitting equal top of the table. It was about this same weekend that the Football Committee organised a Football Lunch at the Maritime Museum at Darling Harbour where our MC Paul Martell kept us in stitches with his observations about his life and of those around him. Later in June, the King’s Sevens Tournament was held. This popular event attracted 30 plus teams from across Sydney and helped showcase the football program at King’s. The School currently has 510 boys playing football. Our Opens Team TKS Blue won their division, also we had 2 King’s teams as runners-up and two in the semi-finals in their respective age groups. Very well done to all those who took part. Our senior boys won the Open section (the first time for 4 years).


    Coming back to school towards the end of July and into Football Round 4 against Sydney Boys High, we continued our good form by winning 4-1 in the 1sts and 4-0 in the 2nds. Still top of the table! Then we travelled to Riverview where we knew it would be tough. You know our boys can be tough……. But after playing so well for nearly 3 quarters of the game keeping View scoreless…. A minor tragedy happened….. One of our youngest players put the ball in his own net, then to add insult to injury, 5 minutes later we give away a penalty. So we were 2 – 0 down with 15 minutes to go….. We tried to push forward to claw our way back into the game but in doing so left holes at the back and succumbed to another 2 goals… the final score a 4 – 0 loss. Our 2nds losing also by a goal to nil.


    Going into August we travelled away again, this time to Grammar and low and behold it….the unthinkable happened again ….. we scored for the opposition, again after playing so well in the 1st half and keeping the opposition scoreless …. Well the boys were distraught again ….. and again we had to go forward to get a goal back and in doing so allowed another 2 goals to be scored by Grammar. For our 2nd XI, it was a different story with young Cloughy coming on with 10 to go and bagging the winner a goal to nil. So now the final game loomed large …. A home match versus the mighty Newington, who by the way had a total of 9 players in the GPS Rep squad….. We battled valiantly in the first half going into the break at 1 – 1….. the second half saw us waver a little and end on the wrong side of a 3 – 1 score-line….. But our opponents were full of praise for the way we took the game to them and really made them fight for their win. The 2nds ….. who could have still been title winners if we had beaten Newington ………lost only by a single goal… And so that was it……. That was our season ….


    Next year (in January) I am taking 34 boys to Europe in January, visiting Manchester city, Portsmouth, Real Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona. And I also have organised an Under 15 age-group Football tour to Japan for April 2018.

    I want to thank all of the Football committee for their tireless efforts this and every year.

    Regards, Peter Denyer, MIC Football


Secretary Report

As Secretary of the football club it was really pleasing to see good interest in our meetings, and the extraordinary organising efforts that went into the special events throughout the 2017 football season.

  • Secretary Report - Continued

    Our club meetings have an agenda whereby we cover the usual topics, and it is the input of our people with brilliant ideas that is the lifeblood of the club. It never ceases to amaze me how people enjoy getting involved and helping make this club a wonderful success. As I always say if you have any spare capacity to help out please get involved as it helps the club and enriches your experience at Kings Football and the school in general.


    2017 was a very successful year for football at Kings and the Football Club. This year we looked to improving club communication and involvement through some of the following initiatives:


    1. Creation and storage of reusable templates for the season events so that reuse makes it much easier for people to volunteer, and learn what needs to be done and when.


    2. We have worked on building information about the various roles and positions within the Club, to help all understand how people can contribute their precious time in helping. Have a look for this next time you are on the website.


    3. Effective communication through an accurate and up to date list of club members which is a challenge in its self. There has been discussion about confidentiality of email ids, which of course is very important, but conversely, we also understand the need to have the ability to approach others and have a club conversations to build better club atmosphere. Getting the balance here is not always easy so I do hope you all have seen our objectives working.


    4. We encouraged Year Reps involvement - roles which we believe will help in the lateral spread of communication at games and events – to exploit the existing friendships within year groups. In 2018 we would like to improve this initiative.


    I believe we can really look forward to 2018 with enthusiasm given 2017 successes and attendances. I have added the proposed calendar for meetings and events at the end of this newsletter, and ask you note our first club meeting in February 2018, and the new parents evening in March, come along, bring a friend and start the new football season with enthusiasm and interest.


Treasurer’s Report

I am pleased to report that financially, 2017 was another successful year for the Football Club. Despite us placing more emphasis on involvement and participation, in order to raise awareness of football within the School, we still managed to raise significant funds through our Lunches, Dinners, Coaching clinics and our new initiative, Memberships. And, as always, the Sevens Tournament not
only showcased the School, but also raised over $ 4,000 for the Football Club.

  • Treasurer's Report - Continued

    Overall, in 2017 we generated an operating surplus from all our events and activities of over $12,700. In addition to our operating surplus, generous parents also donated over $ 11,500 to our Equipment Fund through tax-deductible donations to the Australian Sports Foundation.

    After spending over $ 12,000 on items such as training jerseys for all football players, including those in the Prep School, the Football Club is left with a healthy bank balance of about $ 19,600 as well as there being just over $ 10,000 available in the Football Club’s Equipment Fund.


Technology & Communication

We have made many improvements in our web and IT environments this past year which has enabled the Club to communicate and work more effectively and efficiently.

  • Technology and Communication - Continued

    Some new features include:


    • The Events Calendar under News and Events. Get a snapshot of upcoming events involving
      Football at Kings.
    • Make your online result predictions and follow the 2018 Football Word Cup and A-League on
      our website. Just for fun. Some rounds will have an entry fee (members free) and prizes for
      the most accurate predictions.


    We welcome ideas and suggestions for improvements and added features to the website. You can
    use the Contact Us form on the website.



The 2017 Merchandising outcome was pleasing with $4k of stock sold or donated throughout the season. With an adequate stock of current lines to start the 2018 season with, we will endeavour to procure umbrellas and scarves to extend the range. The original hoodies are still our number one seller!

  • Merchandising - Continued

    More work needs to be done in improving communications with the younger boys and especially the incoming Y7 cohort. We have requested a volunteer from the Prep School to act as our Merchandising Representative. If you would like to put your hand up for this role, or know someone who does, please contact the club (see contact us at the end of this newsletter).


    The “buy online” website requires further marketing. The acceptance of credit cards at home games has also opened more opportunity and impulse buys. Thank you to John Burke for his continued support in this area.


    A small price increase for the coming season will increase the viability of the 15% giveaways we managed last season.


    The intention of merchandising is not to raise lots of money but to improve the image and community that is Kings Football. I believe we are continuing to see this happen.


    The introduction of memberships is a great initiative and we have pre-ordered special ‘Members 6-10’ caps to be auctioned off at this year’s lunch, and a member’s cap has been included in the Membership packs.


    2018 will see the possibility of ‘available by order only’ of costly items to limit our need to hold stock. A Prep School range will also be introduced in 2018.


    The introduction of rostered time slots for attending to the stand will ease the time burden on the current helpers and may motivate additional visitors to the stand.


    Thank you to all for your ongoing support.



Membership of The Kings School Football Club was launched in 2017 for the first time in the club’s history! Joining connects you with a unique piece of Australian football history as you may not know that on a wintry afternoon on the 14th August 1880, the first game of football played in Australia was on The Kings School field in Parramatta Park. The Kings boys turned out in sky blue and white jerseys, the colours they still wear today!

  • Memberships - Continued

    Many individuals and families have become members, which is for life with a once only payment of $250 and open to parents, Old Boys, school football players and their families, with all funds raised used to support football at the school.


    Taking out club membership includes;

    • A members club tie, football cap and car sticker.
    • Notice of events and club news, even after you or your son have left The Kings School.
    • Members only invite to special events and initiatives.
    • Members only content on the clubs website including the image and video library.
    • The camaraderie, especially amongst Old Boys in building the community and heritage of  The Kings Football Club going forward.
    • The ability to keep your private contact details up to date by logging into your member account on the club's website.

    Support football at The Kings School by joining today by clicking the following web link HERE.


Season Launch

The season Launch is the start of the football season at Kings, to present the 1st and 2nd 11 players their jerseys and congratulate them on their nomination for this seasons games. At the same time build our football community and welcome all football families to the new season with fun activities and refreshments.

  • Season Launch - Continued

    The day was a success and definitely a day to reschedule on our football calendar for years to come. I enjoyed the celebration of the Season Launch, the looks on the younger one's faces when they tried an activity or ate a sausage covered in sauce. And I did see some bigger kids there also giving the activities a go!

    Of course, the proud moment when the boys of the 1st and 2nd Eleven received their nominations and shirts. The camaraderie they extend to each other overflows to all the boys of the football family.






Sevens Tournament

The Australian Juniors Football Sevens Tournament, (King’s Sevens), celebrates football in a day of exciting competition. Held annually, the event is a highlight of the Football competition season. This year on June 18th , The King’s Sevens played out the 12th Anniversary edition of the tournament.

  • Sevens Tournament - Continued

    It was a magnificent day of football with 30 teams from across Sydney participating with skill, courage and respect. Many of the participants were greeted by a cold morning and soft pitches and then enjoyed the sunshine through the day as well as great food and coffee.


    Football was the main menu on the day though, and after a hard-fought pool round played with great skill, courage, enjoyment and respect, the semi-finals commenced and extra time golden goals were required and finally the high drama of penalty shootouts to determine finalists - well done Guildford McCredie U14!


    The finals were a tough battle but played in good spirit with further extra time, including a high-pressure penalty shoot out to determine the Champions in the Opens age group. Well done to all players but special congratulations go to the King's Sevens Opens champions, TKS Blue.


    The players are no doubt looking forward to the competition again next year where we will be bigger and better than ever. Any feedback, or more details and lots of photos, check out our website -


Football Club Lunch

The King’s School Football Club held its second Football luncheon at the Maritime Museum in June this year. The lunch attracted 60 people and was represented by old boys, parents and invited guests from the King’s school which included our new Headmaster Tony George and his lovely wife Jen.

  • Football Club Lunch - Continued
    Membership Winners

    Attendees enjoyed canapés and drinks on arrival while mingling with fellow guests, followed by a two-course luncheon while taking in spectacular harbour views.


    Fundraising efforts achieved returns more than expected with funds from Membership sales, Raffle, Founder Cap auctions and silent auctions. Guests were treated to a presentation showing photographs of the season's players and an inspiring speech detailing Football at King’s by the 2016 Football Captain Connor McPhie as well as a speech by Master in Charge of Football Mr Peter Denyer. Comedian, Paul Martell kept us laughing and did a great job as MC.


    The committee has scheduled the third Annual Football Lunch to be held on June 22nd 2018 at the Museum. I would be humbled if anyone has any fresh ideas, donations, contacts for entertainment, or would like to help organise next season’s lunch. My name is Julie Vale and I can be contacted on 0412 961 008. We aim to make the lunch a very special event on the footballing calendar.


    Thank you for your continued support of the Kings Football Luncheon.


Football End of Season Dinner

Held on the same weekend as King’s Fest, the End of Season Football Trophy Presentation Dinner was attended by some 260 people at the Kings School Trophy Room. A string quartet played for the preliminary part of the night as Headmaster Tony George, Mrs George, Deputy Headmaster Stephen Edwards and Mrs Edwards enjoyed pre-dinner drinks and canapés, in the quadrangle outside the Trophy Room. They chatted casually with Sydney FC guests of honour, players Rhyan Grant and Alex Wilkinson.

  • Football End of Season Dinner - Continued

    During the evening the two ‘A League’ winners were the subject of a question and answer session later in the proceedings. Master of Ceremonies and parent Malcolm Alder got the official dinner underway, and speeches by Football Club President, Alex Konstandinidis, and Tony George were heard before Grace was offered by Reverend Stephen Edwards.


    There were more speeches with MIC Peter Denyer giving his review of the season and Captain of Football Declan Chlasta
    speaking about the 1st and 2nd XI squad’s trials and tribulations for the year. After dessert was served, a video of Football at King’s was shown, which was not only entertaining but also informative, many players giving their take on the best part of being involved in the sport. The boys enjoyed the overseas trip to England and Paris, whilst Ben Hines was ‘Just in it for the afternoon teas’. You can view the video on the front page of this website.


    A short auction of some signed memorabilia (King’s jersey and football, signed by the 1st/2nd XI, and a Sydney FC signed shirt) raised some money towards the Football Club’s endeavours. There was also a silent auction of Football memorabilia which included a signed Liverpool FC Jersey and Lionel Messi Signed Boot, as well as a raffle.


    The evening was a great success, though we may be looking for a larger venue for next year’s event. Our thanks go to all of the Football Club Committee, in particular, Liz Baker, who was the main organiser the event.




2018 Proposed Calendar 

Keep track of upcoming events by accessing the Events Calendar at    Use the Events Calendar as a resource as additional events and amendments are posted to the Calendar during the year.

  • Some Key Dates

    7 March 2018 The King’s School Football Club Information Evening


    14 March 2018 The King’s School Football Club Monthly Committee Meeting and AGM


    13 May 2018 Football Season Launch, Gala Day and 1st’s and 2nd’s XI Jersey Presentations


    17 June 2018 Kings 7s Football Tournament and Heritage Game


    22 June 2018 Annual Football Lunch


    18 August 2018 End of Football Season Dinner and Presentation



Supporters & Sponsors

As well as the parents and friends of The King’s School Football Club, the people and companies below are keen supporters of football at Kings and assist by providing their support in many ways, and TKS Football community is most appreciative.

If you would like to be a sponsor for the 2018 season or have someone that is keen to be a sponsor,  please get in touch with the club so that we can get this organised and ready for next year.

  • Some of our Supporters and Sponsors


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