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Please help us keep you informed about The King’s School Football Club, its events, Football Clinics and Camps and The Kings Sevens Football Tournament by providing us with your contact details and preferences.

  • All information will remain confidential and is subject to The TKS Football Club’s Privacy Policy which is in line with that of The King’s School.
  • The only required information is your email and first and last name. You are also required to answer the question as to whether or not you consent to your contact details being shared with KOBFC (Kings Old Boys Football Club).  Other details in the form will help us provide you with the most relevant information to you.
  • Where there are checkboxes you can tick as many boxes as are applicable to your situation.
  • You can review and update your details by completing the required fields again. You will be shown a message that you are already registered and an email will be sent to you with a link to update your preferences. Click on that link to review and update your details.
  • If you are changing your email address a new temporary account will automatically be set up. We will later merge the data in the two accounts and update your email address and any other additional and amended data.
  • Members should also use this form to provide and update their membership details.  If you have your contact details already registered then follow the instructions to review and update your details above. Make sure you tick the Football Club Life Member box.
  • If for any reason you cannot access the form below please use this LINK to access another form.

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