TKS Football Club

Committee Roles

The various roles within TKS Football Club and the associated events come with detailed documentation including instructions, run sheets and precedents. Of course, new events and roles to advance the Club are welcomed.


Club President represents the Club in football activities and events. Attends and chairs Committee meetings.


Club Secretary organising committee meetings, setting agendas and taking and communicating meeting points and actions. Attends Committee meetings.


Club Treasurer organises the financial records of the Football club, authorising payments of invoices and financial needs of the football club. This also includes organising the bookkeeping for the Club and providing financial reports to Committee meetings and financial reports to the Annual General meeting and the School Council via the School Development Office. Attends Committee meetings. Currently, an online free accounting software package known as ‘Free Accounting Software’ ( is used for the Club bookkeeping. Another free accounting app known as Wave ( is also available.

Club Bookkeeper

This is usually the Treasurer but can be a separate function. This function includes entering transactions into the online accounting software, currently Free Accounting Software (, bank reconciliations and production of reports.

Year Representatives

(One parent for Prep and each of Years 7,8,9,10,11,12)

Be a point of contact for your year group of parents of the Football Club family. Attend football games for the year age group make yourself known and assist other members of the football family in communicating the football Club communications and upcoming events. Be a conduit for communication to and from the football club to your year group. Assist with Tickets sales and handout of events flyers and communications. Attend the committee meetings where possible.

Prep School Coordinator

(A person from Prep)

Assist with coordination into the Prep School with communication and merchandising and building the football family.

Catering Coordinator

(A parent from Year 8)

Coordinate ordering and delivery of food and drinks and accessories ready for the BBQ operated during special activities.

Club Luncheon Coordinator

(A parent from Year 11)

Coordinate the organisation of the Club Lunch, choosing a venue, communicating the lunch, tabling attendance lists and working with sponsorship and merchandising areas to promote the club.

End of Season Coordinator

(A parent from Year 12)

Coordinates the end of season activity, finding a venue, organising communication of the event, taking attendance and payments, organising entertainment. Also working with merchandising and sponsorship coordinators. Attend Committee meetings.

Memberships Coordinator

Operate the Memberships registration and portal. Maintain members register.  Organise member activities and services. At activities and events organise for memberships registration to be available. Work with the Technology Coordinator for upgrade and improvement of the Membership process and tools. Attend Committee meetings.

Merchandising Coordinator(s)

Coordinate all Club Merchandise for sales and renewal and costing of designs. Attend Committee meetings. Attend sports days and erect and operate the merchandising tent. Attend Club activities and events for promotion and sales of merchandise.

Sevens Tournament Coordinator

(A parent from Year 10)

Coordinate the Football Seven Tournament preparing the days activities and food. Creating Communications and interest in the day. Building interest in the tournament and getting registrations made. Working with the MIC for setup and running of activities. Create a run sheet and program for the day and allocate duties to club members and volunteers.

Sevens Tournament Registrar

Contact teams and football associations regarding registering teams and process the registration of teams.

Sponsorship & Marketing Coordinator

Coordinate sponsorship for the Club.

Technology Coordinator

Coordinate the technology and data related matters for the Club. This includes the web and payment online portals and e-newsletter. Also, review and suggest improvement for technology for the club activities and events. Attend Committee meetings where possible. Maintain and update, or make arrangements for maintaining and updating the Club’s website, Facebook group and other social media presence.