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2018 Club President’s Report

What a year we have had for Kings Football, and football in total this past year!

The Football Club’s focus is to support football at King’s by assisting the Master in Charge with football planning and preparation and engaging the Kings Football families and the wider community to bring a whole of football experience to everyone. It survives on the energy and support it gets from you the football family so thank you all for whatever part you played supporting football at King’s.

Football at King’s has a real place at the School, especially when one understands the history of the game going way back to a wintery August afternoon in 1880, the first game of football was played on The King’s School field in Parramatta Park. Football this year has again exceeded expectations with large numbers of boys participating week in and week out. It is such a joy to see football continue to blossom at King’s.

Football was also on show worldwide with the World Cup of Football held in Russia. Late nights and tired eyes were no deterrent and even those non-football tragics stayed awake and discussed teams, game results and put their money where their mouth was to get behind the Socceroos and other national teams.

Particular memories for me this year are the home game days with all the football fields occupied with boys playing their hearts out, from the Prep boys to the 1st 11, the football merchandise on sale in the new premises opposite the canteen, and sitting on the hill talking to other parents including past families and presidents, and watching play on the wonderful Wanderers ground.

It really puts it into perspective how huge football is at Kings when one arrives at the Kings playing fields, struggling for a park given the huge turnout. Another fond memory is attending an away 16Es game at Homebush where my sons Chinese Language Exchange student was playing (having never played before!), and with the drought conditions that brought clouds of dust that sometimes made it difficult to see ball and player, but the game continued in earnest and sportsmanship as always.

This year we worked with the MIC to access the Football Club funds to upgrade the football shooting cage to artificial grass. These works continue and should be completed in time for football 2019. During the year and at a monthly meeting we heard from the headmaster Tony George about the impending School Master Plan that will provide better facilities for Football at King’s as it will for all Kings sports.

The club coordinated a charity drive to collect football boots to give to less fortunate footballers in Africa. The charity called Boots 4 Africa, assisted us with posters and once completed pickup and shipment to Africa for delivery and distribution. During the season we collected over 150 pairs of shoes and boots, a huge achievement and something we can all be proud of.

This past season saw the running of the club functions, the Football Season Kickoff, the Club Lunch, The Sevens Tournament, and the end of season Dinner, all huge successes with many families joining in the fun and entertainment. An important part of these functions is engaging not only the Kings Football boys and families but also the wider community. The Sevens Football Tournament is huge and brings in teams and families from all over Sydney and continues to grow and showcase the School and Football at King’s. Also, we have seen FIFA referee Chris Griffith-Jones presenting his insights to referring decisions especially the VAR rulings, at the Football Lunch and Dinner, and professional footballers Alex Brosque, Alex Cisak and Danny DeSilva mixing and conversing with the
boys at the lunch or end of season dinner.

I would like to thank Peter Denyer, the Master in Charge of Football at Kings for his continued dedication and tireless work with all, especially with the boys ensuring they continue to seek out their passion for bettering skills and playing the wonderful game.

I would also like to thank all those parents that give huge in supporting the club and its endeavours. The core committee for your brilliant and inspiring excitement in promoting ideas, the emails input conversation, and the monthly committee meeting catch-ups and the tireless efforts on organisation. It really would not work without you. Also, those parents that assist hugely in the functions, from managing the preparations to organising at the event and to participating bringing
and serving the food and drinks, presenting the merchandise and awards, setting up the tables, connecting the microphones, to cleaning up afterwards, the list goes on. I just have so much admiration for you all.

Also thank you to all that continue to sponsor through donations either direct or through Club Membership and purchases, as these funds go into improving facilities and events that make the boys experience at Kings Football more enjoyable.

For the upcoming 2019 season, I would like to encourage as many parents as possible to become involved. Whether it is helping out at one of the events or joining us on the committee, anything you can do would be greatly appreciated. For 2019, there are functions planned which have year groups being responsible, so please look out for these announcements and get involved and meet new people and have fun building the experience for our boys here at The Kings School.

David Prideaux
2018 Club President, The King’s School Football Club.

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